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Consideration and Approval of Purchase of Vacant Lot at Gail Drive


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Meeting History

Apr 25, 2017 7:00 PM Video City Council Regular Meeting

Mr. Sigman explained how the administration had worked on a quite sale of Gail Drive. This property was in line with the City's plans for greenspace acquisition and preservation. The property was located at the end of Gail Drive and abutted the school property at Woodward. It was a strategic purchase for park land and was in collaboration with school. The school did not have any plans and did not have any need for the property. Staff was recommending approval. The topography and the adjacent property was perfect for a park. Overall, the cost was $200,000 for 1.3 acres.

Council Member Gebbia made motion to approve. Council Member Mattison seconded the motion.

Council Member Gebbia announced this was officially the first green space of District 4. This was a great opportunity. The property was gorgeous and was part of the canopy in the city of Brookhaven. This was a quite sale. This was very good not only for District 4, but also for the City. He thanked Mr. Sigman and staff.

Mayor Ernst expressed how he looked look forward to working with the school system to do something nice for the site.

The motion passed 3-0.

MOVER:Joe Gebbia, District 4
SECONDER:Bates Mattison, Mayor Pro Tem / District 3
AYES:John Park, Bates Mattison, Joe Gebbia
ABSENT:Linley Jones